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We've been making high quality attachments for over 20 years.

Our company history goes back to 1998 when Gordon Boone and Galen Flory purchased Clerf Equipment from Howard Clerf. Back then, the company was called Steelco Fabricators and Clerf hay squeeze clamps were only a small portion of Steelco's business. In 2008 Steelco was sold to HarvestCo Fabricators and a couple new hay clamp models were added to the original line. The business continued to grow as word of Clerf's high quality spread across the West Coast, and eventually HarvestCo stopped doing custom fabrication in order to focus 100% on hay clamps.

Clerf Equipment has grown quickly since 2008 and hay clamps are now just one product in a line of material handling solutions. But the focus on high quality and customer service hasn't changed at all. Our products are now working in many different industries across multiple continents. But our goals are still to build the highest quality products, and to offer our customers and dealers the best service possible.

We love building new things and we're excited about the products we're designing for the future. We think they will be more reliable and more efficient than any other options.

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